• HIST 104: Digital Literacy in the Humanities (forthcoming)
    This course provides students a hands-on introduction to the core technologies necessary for studying the humanities in the 21st century
  • JOUR 108: All Things Media: Design
    Introduction to design principles for media production including the basics of color, typography and composition.
  • PHYS1XX (forthcoming)
    Interdisciplinary introduction to big data computation, statistical analysis, and visualization.
  • HIST 240/JOUR 340: Web Design for Social Engagement (forthcoming)
    Comprehensive course covering web design for publically-engaged history and journalism projects
  • JOUR300: Visual Communication
    Interdisciplinary course on the principles of cognitive science, psychology, and communication that make designed visual communication effective. 
  • HIST300a: Digitizing History
    Background, information technology skills to research, produce web-base historical information. Cognition, business models, law ethics, web design, video, primary source databases, community outreach project.
  • HIST399: Practicum
    Practicum providing hands-on experience in the history department and associated programs.
  • JOUR 460/691: Data Visualization
    In this course you will learn about visual literacy, perception, cognition, aesthetics, design principles, creativity, critical evaluation, and ethics related to the use of images and information in the media.